KoiControl - The Koi App For Your Pond

Manage your water parameters, your koi and your ponds in our koi app!

With KoiControl the tedious recording of water values and koi data on paper is a thing of the past.

Available in the Web and for Android and iOS:

Keep an eye on your water parameters!

As a pond owner, regular water measurements are part of everyday life. Keep track and store your water parameters in KoiControl. The app analyzes your water parameters and gives you suggestions on how to improve them if necessary. This way you can offer your fish optimal conditions.

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Manage and track your koi!

With many koi in the pond, it's easy to lose track. With KoiControl you won't! You can save all important information about your fish, such as name, variety, age, size, weight and much more. Additionally, you can track the growth of your fish exactly and thus make your success measurable.

Informationen von den in KoiControl gespeicherten Kois

Determine the ideal amount of food!

How much food do your koi need to grow ideally? Our integrated food calculator provides you with the answer. Based on your koi population and the water temperature, our food calculator automatically calculates the recommended amount of food for your growth ambitions. You don't even need to know the weight of your koi. KoiControl can determine the weight very accurately based on the length of the fish.

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Recognize trends early!

As a koi owner, the growth of your fish and the quality of your water are paramount. With our automatically generated charts you can see trends and correlations in your water parameters and the potential of your koi at a glance. Would you like to share your success with others or record it in a seasonal report? Use the integrated PDF export of your statistics.

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Manage your ponds!

All important information such as volume, circulation rate, depth and many more can be stored for a pond. Do you have several ponds? No problem, fish and water parameters can be clearly assigned to the corresponding pond.

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Calculate the correct amount of salt for treatments!

Salt is a popular tool for treating koi diseases, as it is both cheap and effective against some parasites or algae. However, meticulous care must be taken to achieve the correct concentration. With the salt calculator you can calculate the correct dosage for each of your managed ponds without errors and without calculators.

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Your data on all of your devices!

You want to use the app on multiple devices? With a KoiControl account you can easily manage your data on all your mobile devices. If you only want to use one device, you can of course use the app without an account and transfer your data at a later time if necessary.

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